A guide to successful football betting

Football betting is something a huge population of the UK practice on a regular basis. The country loves football and that is why football betting sites in Europe are so popular. If you are just starting out with football betting and want to sharpen your skills at it, you will find this post very useful.


Start with football betting terms

The first and foremost thing any good football betting sites in Europe will want you to learn is all the common betting terms that are used. Unless and until you know terms by heart, it will not be possible for you to bet properly. Betting without being confident of what a particular bet constitutes means throwing money down the drain. So here are some of the most common terms that are used:

  • Stake: This is the amount of money you put on a bet. This is basically the money you wager and this is the money you are going to lose in case you don’t win.


  • Accumulator: When talking about a football accumulator, it means that many single bets are clamped together to make one. When each of the bets come off, the odds accumulate together. In case you have heard someone putting in a fiver and winning a thousand pounds, it usually means that it is an accumulator bet. However, the risks are high with this kind of bet.


  • Handicap: This is a bet where there is a clear favorite. This kind of bet offers a certain advantage to the underdog by virtue of being handicap.


  • Half time/Full time: This is another very common bet that is placed in football. Football betting sites in Europe offer this bet which basically means that each game is split into two parts: half time and full time. So you predict the winner at half-time and then again at full-time.


  • Banker: When football betting sites in Europe say that a tip is a ‘banker’ they mean that they are certain that it is going to come true. It is the closest thing to certainty.


  • 24 hour rule: Many football betting sites hold this rule true. This means that if a game has been postponed for less than 24 hours, the bets still hold true. So in case you have placed a wager but the game starts in the next two hours, your bet still holds true.


  • Draw no bet: This basically means that when a match draws, then you get your money back. The thing to understand about this particular bet is that the odds will get lower when you select this.




How you can stay ahead of the bookies

With football betting sites in Europe, the truth is that the bookies are the ones making all of the money with most of the bettors losing. But that does have to be true in your case. Here are some of the ways in which you can have your cake and eat it too when it comes to football bookies.


  • Use your head: There are times when people get emotional and they end up placing their wagers on the wrong team or the wrong player even when they know they are doing the wrong thing. If you find yourself doing this, then take a step back and spend a few minutes thinking. Always placing bets with your head on your shoulders is important and is in fact crucial if you are interested to make money with betting.


  • Never get greedy: When it comes to football betting sites in Europe, it is easy for bettors to act greedy even when they are not so in real life. It is easy to stack up the accumulators just because the maximum payout is going to be good! But stop yourself then and there because the idea is totally foolhardy and is almost always a bad one. Don’t get greedy and you will win small but consistently.


  • Engage your patience: It is important to understand that winning every bet is just not possible. No matter what football betting sites in Europe tell you, it will not be possible for you to win consistently if you are not patient. Understanding that even the best bettors in the game lose on a few days and win on some is a way to keep yourself grounded.


  • Have a bankroll: This is super important. Putting in rent money on football bets is not just the unintelligent thing to do, but one that is utterly foolish. Before placing any bet, make sure you ask yourself whether you can afford to lose the bet. This is because no matter how well placed your tips come from, there is always the chance you can lose it. So, only place those bets which you can afford to lose.


  • Stay away from friendly matches: You will find that there are some friendly matches going on whose outcome does not mean anything. With football betting sites in Europe offering odds on friendlies as well, it can be tempting to place a wager. But it is best to not do so for the simple reason that you don’t know how much effort the teams are putting in and whether or not major players will be asked to sit down. Friendlies are by nature very unpredictable.





A lot of good sense should be used the next time you visit a site for soccer betting tips UK . Use your common sense and do good research and you will be able to gain more knowledge about the sport which has the whole world in thrall. The problem starts when people start taking betting more seriously than they should and this can ruin their chances of being employed gainfully. Instead, make sure that you know that football betting is a past-time that can be dropped any time. Having fun is the most important thing and if you can make some money of fit, then that is wonderful!

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